Our Extended Family & Past Customers Sharing Photos!

Once you make the decision and commitment to adopt one of our corgis, you become a part of our extended family.  We love to see updates, hear endearing stories, treasured milestones, and the accomplishments with your new family member as you create a new bond and make memories.  As we share your photos and stories we are excited and deeply touched by the wonderful home and family life you have provided.  Thank you!   

We would love to hear your updates and share your photos on our website and facebook!

Email:  royalridgefarm@gmail.com

Corgi Adventure Hike
Best Friends
Kitty Cat Corgi Play
Corgi Swim Exercise
Corgi Pose
Summer Pose
Tessa Posing
Corgi Friends
Sweet Nap Time
Love My Mommy's Arms
Corgi Friends
My New Toy
It's Just A Little Dirt
Chilli'n Corgi Style
A little Fun
My Pals
Yogi Love
Moxie Cuddles
Sisters Carlin & Casey
Carlin And Casey
In My Daddy's Arms
Cuddled In
At The Beach
Corgi Love
Corgi Love
Corgi Love
Corgi Nap Time
Napping Corgi Style
Busy Corgi
Corgi Love
Sweet Face
Busy Corgi
Blue Eyed Baby
Beach Fun
Sweet Toby
Carlin And Casey
Carlin And Casey
Yogi Bear
Corgi Cuddles
Carlin Sleeping With Daddy
Casey And Carlin
Sweet Annie
Baby Annie
Blue Eyed Baby
Moxie Smiles
Smokey & Bandit
Star Gazer
Sweet Love
Country Corgi
Cowboy Corgi
Adventure Corgi
Swimming Time
International Mom
Taking Personal Flight
Got The Kitty
Faith Love
Resting On The Walk
Vegas Love
Vegas Baby


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Sharing Photos Of Our Extended Corgi Families